The Jola House is an ancient village house situated in the very centre of Grimaud. At the end of a long, meticulous and respectful renovation, it both provides the beauty of the traditionnal material and the ultimate technology facilities. It is three storyed and can cofortably accomodate four persons with its two bedrooms with ensuite shower rooms. On the third level, its terrace opens on top of the village roofs, and the Garde-Freinet chestnut plantation. From there we can admire the pink shimmering of the sunset on the castle silhouette.

Yet Ready !

We just finished the last cleaning, the last checks... Tools have disappeared one by one from the house, and have been replaced by furniture. Like a boat on the slipway, looking forward to cross the oceans, Jola House is ready to welcome its guests. It is yet ready to host family and friends, all those visitors looking for the authenticity of the life in the village, for the deep beauty of the surrounding landscapes, for the richness and hospitality of the land.

Along all these working years, we could achieve every task with hope, hapiness and sometimes tiredness. We have spent hours with a hammer or a brush in hand, creating noisy simphonies and clouds of dust. It is now time to settle in these familiar walls, to make those "full of reminders" although "brand new" rooms be our home again.

It is the beginning of a new life for the Jola House, at the rythm of the laughter of the children of the village, and of the beats of the clock bells.

A long Way

We just finalised today the beginning of the administrative process. A big file has been brought at the city office : "Renovating et roof modification project". If we succeed in getting the required permit, we will find a long way in front of us, a lot of tasks to achieve:

  • complete renovation of the roof, and of the wooden framing, suppression of chimneys,
  • creation of a terrace on the roof,
  • reinforcement of floors and stairs,
  • major inside renovation,
  • new water and power supply networks.

Have a good trip, Jola House, we will be on the way together !